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“I firmly believe that’s what makes the difference. The willingness to fail again and again and again if necessary.” -Robert Kiyosaki

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” -Brian Herbert

“It takes money to make money…. To me, this little phrase is one of the biggest and most dangerous lies out there… It is a convenient excuse to simply not try to succeed.

The amount of effort and commitment required will be extraordinary. But that’s the way it goes. You’re trying to break out of the ordinary… So an ordinary effort won’t cut it….  It is much easier to give up. It is much easier to say, ‘It takes money to make money’, and never try.

Don’t ever catch yourself saying, ‘It takes money to make money.’  It doesn’t… It takes a great idea and the willingness to make it happen.” -David Eifrig

“What really works in business is the same as what works in the rest of civilized life: effort, concentration, consideration, respect for others’ time, and a willingness—even a desire—for the other guy to win, too.” -Bill Bonner