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Perhaps the most important principle of life is the control over self.  This is the power over every force in life; outward or inward.

I’m Sorry

Posted: February 16, 2019 in Thought for the Day
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When feeling sorry for yourself, give your own self a tongue lashing and move on before it grabs you with its death claws.

“Confession: I care what people think of me. I care too much! So much ‘self-help’ is about not caring what people think of you. Blaze your own path! Go the road less traveled! Be a unique voice! But my brain rebels against that. I want to be liked. When I was a kid I was very unpopular. It’s hard to get rid of the need to be popular.” -James Altucher

Life Validation

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Thought for the Day
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“Don’t let someone else validate you.” -James Altucher

In other words, control your self and control your life.  Don’t give someone else the power over you.


Posted: April 16, 2015 in Thought for the Day
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“The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.” -John Dewey

“Self-responsibility is the key to personal effectiveness in every sphere of life.” -Alex Green