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“So what sort of ‘business’ is government?  Answer: it is not a customary producer of goods sold to voluntary consumers.  Rather, it is a ‘business’ engaged in theft and expropriation — by means of taxes and counterfeiting — and the fencing of stolen goods.  Hence, free entry into government does not improve something good.  Indeed, it makes matters worse than bad, i.e., it improves evil.” -Hans-Hermann Hoppe

“Focusing on the producer means focusing on high employment.  But high employment is not the foundation of prosperity…  We could draft every unemployed American into ditch-digging squads tomorrow.  We’d have 100% employment.  But digging and refilling holes doesn’t produce anything…  Increasing productivity—getting more output for every input—is the font of genuine wealth creation.  Not employment for employment’s sake.” -J. Reeves