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Outcome Process

Posted: April 19, 2019 in Thought for the Day
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“Without the process, there is no outcome.” -Hal Elrod

“Truth will emerge from an adversarial process weighing evidence and testimony before the bar of reason.” -Charles R. Kesler

“The earlier you take steps to keep your brain strong, the longer you’ll delay any signs of decline….  One of the best ways to learn and keep your mind sharp is with financial literacy….  When we learn and use financial education, we use different parts of our brains. Learning the material uses regions in the temporal parietal area…. What they found was that the more financially literate a person, the stronger the connections.

Reading is an excellent way to build up our brain strength. It engages several parts of the brain at once, making stronger connections. That, in turn, helps you sharpen your decision-making process.” -Dr. David Eifrig

“The masses do not conceive any ideas, sound or unsound. They only choose between the ideologies developed by the intellectual leaders of mankind. But their choice is final and determines the course of events… it determines the whole process of human history.” -Ludwig Von Mises

“The inflation process is the increase of the money supply.” L. Carlos Lara

“The actual process of money creation takes place primarily in banks.” -Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

“I’ve concluded, after many years, that my mind works by process of elimination.  Problem is, it hasn’t eliminated anything yet.” -Robert Brault