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“Politicians all over the world are predicting that banks will charge depositors (you) money for storing cash in negative interest rate currencies.  It’s a perversion of saving.  It’s a perversion of capitalism.  It’s a perversion of planning for the future.” -Brian Hunt

“Take the word ‘stimulate,’ as in ‘stimulate the economy’.  Where did that term come from?  It really just means ‘print up money’.  But calling it what it is sounds bad.  Politicians don’t want to say ‘print money’.  So they use terms like ‘stimulate’ and ‘quantitative easing’ instead.” -Doug Casey

“Politicians ensure reelection by giving away things that don’t belong to them….  But political redemption is based mostly on amnesia and debt….  And heavy borrowing allows them to push the cost onto people with no memories at all – many of whom aren’t even born yet.  By the time the bills come payable, most people have forgotten who contracted them or what they were for.” -Bill Bonner