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The U.S. national debt ($19.5 trillion) is:

  • Larger than the 500 largest American companies (S&P 500) combined ($19.1 trillion)
  • Larger than the total combined assets of the world’s top seven money managers ($18.9 trillion)
  • 25 times larger than the value of all oil exported globally in a year ($786 billion)
  • 155 times larger than the value of all gold mined in the world in a year ($125 billion)

Economic Noise

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Economics
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“And since 2000, Washington says consumer prices are up 39%.  Trouble is we can’t find any significant price that is up so little.  Crude oil is up 314%.  A dozen eggs rose 106%.  College tuition is up 68%.  The typical house has risen 50%.  Is this noise too?” -The Diary of a Rogue Economist