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“Concentration is the most important thing. And I don’t think people can concentrate too well with all the distractions.”

“So how do we cancel out the noise? How do we build that concentration?”

“You can’t cancel the noise out.  You have to learn to concentrate with the world as it is. You can’t change the world. You have to find a way to focus your mind and your energies on concepts that interest you.” -Don McLean

Economic Noise

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Economics
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“And since 2000, Washington says consumer prices are up 39%.  Trouble is we can’t find any significant price that is up so little.  Crude oil is up 314%.  A dozen eggs rose 106%.  College tuition is up 68%.  The typical house has risen 50%.  Is this noise too?” -The Diary of a Rogue Economist