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“When scared, don’t worship the mediocrity of giving up. When scared, go forward. Change fear into growth…. When scared, that’s the place where nobody else is. Go there.” -James Altucher

“The ultimate goal of the haters of the good is not to bring others up to the level of the most able (which is impossible) but to bring down the able to the level of the less able—to obliterate their achievement, to destroy their reward, to make them unable to function above the level of mediocrity, to punish them, and, above all, to make them feel unearned guilt for their own virtues.” -Edwin A. Locke

“Mediocrity is being content without putting in maximum effort.” -Stephen Dubner

All good is hard.  All evil is easy.  Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy.  Stay away from easy.” -Scott Alexander