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Luxurious Excuse

Posted: February 27, 2019 in Thought for the Day
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“Don’t allow yourself the luxury of excuses.” -Robert Kiyosaki

Necessary Luxury

Posted: November 10, 2018 in Thought for the Day
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“A luxury, once enjoyed, becomes a necessity.” -Northcote Parkinson

Dangerous Debt?

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Debt
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“Debt is not necessary. It is a luxury. Sometimes debt is useful. Sometimes it is wasteful. But debt is always dangerous.” -Mark Ford

Poor Money

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Thought for the Day
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“You cannot spend money in luxury without doing good to the poor.  Nay, you do more good to them by spending in luxury, than by giving it; for by spending it in luxury, you make them exert industry, whereas by giving it, you keep them idle.” –Samuel Johnson