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I don’t have an iPhone… or a blingy Suburban…  But I probably have one thing these conspicuous consumers don’t: The house I live in is fully paid for.  I handle my money differently.  I could buy an iPhone or a Suburban tomorrow.  I wouldn’t need a penny of debt to do it.  But I won’t… Why?  Because I know those things won’t make me the slightest bit happier.  I’d be the same dolt I was before.” -Steve Sjuggerud

You don’t start with a passion, “You start with an interest….  Mastery leads to passion, not the other way around.  You weren’t ‘born’ to invent the next iPhone.  Nobody was.  Even the people inventing the next iPhone weren’t born to invent the next iPhone.  You have to get to the cutting edge, learn what’s missing, identify room for growth and innovate.” -James Altucher