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“Without the discipline of honest money and honest interest rates, the entrepreneurs have no way of knowing whether their project is worth doing or not.” -Bill Bonner

“Money is more than ‘just money’. It’s a way of keeping score and staying honest. When we spend money, we make choices. We accept trade-offs, taking real time and resources that could have been used elsewhere. And we have to ask – is it worth it?” -Bill Bonner

Central banks have not been attempting to manage an economy for very long.  But there is no experience we know of that shows us that interest rates set by a group of bank industry insiders are better than those discovered by honest outcry in an open market….  Nowhere in the history books is there an example of it.” -Bill Bonner

“Whence cometh the money used by central banks to acquire equity stakes in real businesses?  If they got it by honest toil in the vineyards and coal mines of the banking industry, we could have no objection. It is theirs to do what they want with… But…Central banks didn’t earn it honestly. They simply digitized it into existence. And what gives them the right to create money, like counterfeiters?” -Bill Bonner

What You Want

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Thought for the Day
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“…there are only two ways to get what you want in life… There are honest means, and dishonest ones.” -Bill Bonner