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“The problem is 95% of our decisions are based on our feelings.  It is robbing you of opportunity and joy.” -Mel Robbins

“The truth is that paying attention to yourself doesn’t make you happy at all.  In fact, the more attention you give yourself, the less happy you’re likely to be.  Focusing inward can perpetuate your feelings of hopelessness.” –Mark Ford

“There are basically three types of salesmen: the bully, the charismatic, and the invisible man….  The best seller is the invisible salesman.  He focuses your attention on the product/service and the benefits it provides you.  Attending to your interests and reactions, he tailors his presentation to meet your wants, beliefs, and feelings.

When you’re in the presence of an invisible salesman, you may forget about him completely because you’re so excited about what you are about to buy.” -Mark Ford