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“The basic idea of [Private Reserve Strategy] is that the typical American household is flushing away boatloads of money in interest expenses to outside financiers.  If people could become disciplined and save up before making major purchases—so that they were relying on their own accumulated capital rather than what others had saved—they would be able to finally start getting ahead.” –Robert Murphy

There seems to be an unlimited number of books, companies, and radio and television personalities that offer assistance and advice on eliminating debt.  And yes, most offer practical solutions and debt relief tips.  Even if they suggest different steps to follow, they all require high levels of personal self discipline in order to succeed.  Most require an individual to adhere to a strict budget, or even work extra jobs for added income.

Many who desire to follow these principles often become overwhelmed for several reasons.  Small failures or a lack of time leads to discouragement.  Also, most feel they simply do not have enough extra money to make any progress.  They feel lost as life throws them curve balls and destroys their budget.

There is hope, and help, for those who have become frustrated in their trek for debt relief.  When self discipline fails, or there is a very limited amount of money left after monthly expenses, a true financial guidance system is available to direct a person through the difficult, and often emotional, decisions.