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“Committing to change and changing are two different things.” -Michael Masterson

“You must learn to think differently if you want to be different.” -Robert Kiyosaki

“You have to do something different to really succeed. And to do something different… you have to think different.” -Chris Lowe

“People always say Thomas Edison failed at making the light bulb a thousand times in a row. He didn’t fail. He was experimenting with different filaments of wire. He was trying new ideas. And he learned every time. Again, nothing is really ‘failure’. Unless you label it that way. And give up.

I treat everything as an experiment. It helps me start something new. And it helps me prevent getting stuck in the past.


-James Altucher

“It is always from a minority acting in ways different from what the majority would prescribe that the majority in the end learns to do better.”
— F. A. Hayek

“It’s about breaking things down to their fundamental problems and finding alternate, better ways to do things that have been done traditionally. Lateral thinking means approaching a problem from a new or different angle.” -Shane Snow

I love learning about financial history. I love finding parallels between today and a time in the past. But one clear lesson from history is this: It never happens the exactly the same way the next time around. That’s why it’s easy to be fooled… to think that ‘this time is different’.
Financial disasters and bubbles don’t repeat… but they certainly rhyme. Don’t you forget it!” -Steve Sjuggerud

Wrong Way

Posted: April 14, 2017 in Thought for the Day
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“One may go wrong in many different ways, but right only in one.” -Aristotle

“Several years ago my son Will and I wrote a book on ‘family money’ – on how families get and hold onto fortunes over generations.  My family never had any money.  So, in many ways I was unqualified to write about it.  What I’ve discovered is that if you want to have money, and hold onto it, you have to do things very differently.  You have to be much bolder.  And much more ambitious.  Especially if you want to pass on your wealth to the next generation.” -Bill Bonner


Posted: February 9, 2016 in Thought for the Day
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“The four most expensive words in the English Language are, ‘This time it’s different.'” – Sir John