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“If your happiness requires other people to behave the way you want them to behave, then what are the chances you’re going to stay happy in your life?  You’d have to limit yourself to a small number of humans… who you can control, which is not love.” -Tony Robbins

Take Chances

Posted: December 15, 2016 in Thought for the Day
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“In the end we only regret the chances we did not take.” -Unknown

“What’s the difference between chance and luck?  Luck almost implies like a leprechaun is, sort of somebody is making this happen.  In many ways, it seems like certain people are luckier than others.  I think what that really means is that when they were given chances, they elected to pursue them, as opposed to step away from them.  And that kind of creates the illusion of luck.” -Chuck Klosterman

“Luck is an open door.  Chance is the willingness to step through.”