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It (stress) costs businesses more than $300 billion annually – making folks sick more often and resulting in higher employee turnover and lost productivity.  And it has big consequences for your personal life….  Being able to control your stress is a key factor in living a wealthier, healthier life.” -David Eifrig

“Rather than inheriting lump sums of money, they’ll inherit an interest in a ‘family fund’.  The purpose of that fund is to help individual family members enrich their lives.  But how they do that must make sense.

Children can borrow from the fund.  But if they do, they must return the borrowed money with interest.  They can use the money to start businesses or pursue educations, but they can’t use it to buy sports cars or yachts.

They should also help the fund grow in value.  That way, when they die, it’s larger than it was—large enough to help their own children.” -Mark Ford

“Capitalism is about voluntary exchange for mutual benefit.  Businesses don’t “take” money.  Only government (which has a monopoly on the legal use of force) and criminals do that.  Businesses merely collect the money that consumers and other businesses voluntarily trade for products and services.” –Alex Green           May I emphasize the word VOLUNTARY!  When government forces, or even provides an incentive for, someone to purchase a certain product, it no longer becomes the voluntary choice of a citizen; thus it is no longer a “free” market.