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“For the first time in decades, neither party is even giving lip-service to balancing the Federal budget anymore. They simply don’t care…. The thing that matters to policymakers is how much the debt costs to maintain, not how much it costs to repay. That’s why you haven’t heard anything about it…. This problem will get exponentially worse as interest rates rise. Meanwhile, the government continues to add insult to injury by borrowing even more.” -Justin Brill

“Capitalism is constantly burying its mistakes and discovering tomorrow. Cronyism, on the other hand, keeps you in the past. It is today and yesterday trying to stop tomorrow from happening…. The future is where new wealth is created. When you try to stop or twist the future into the shape want, you prevent this wealth from ever happening. Cronyism depends on the credit bubble…. Cronies owe money.  They borrow money.  They depend on borrowed money for their budgets, their spending, their bonuses, their portfolios, their welfare checks, and their special privileges.  They all depend so heavily on borrowing that few of them – whether in academia, media, business, finance, or government – can see the truth… let alone speak it.  They are all paid not to see it.  And if they do see it, they keep their mouths shut.” -Bill Bonner

Bad Budget

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Money Matters
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If you develop your budget based on the good times, you will suffer extreme hardship during bad times; however, if you create your budget based on the bad times, you will have a pool of resources to use throughout the drought.

There seems to be an unlimited number of books, companies, and radio and television personalities that offer assistance and advice on eliminating debt.  And yes, most offer practical solutions and debt relief tips.  Even if they suggest different steps to follow, they all require high levels of personal self discipline in order to succeed.  Most require an individual to adhere to a strict budget, or even work extra jobs for added income.

Many who desire to follow these principles often become overwhelmed for several reasons.  Small failures or a lack of time leads to discouragement.  Also, most feel they simply do not have enough extra money to make any progress.  They feel lost as life throws them curve balls and destroys their budget.

There is hope, and help, for those who have become frustrated in their trek for debt relief.  When self discipline fails, or there is a very limited amount of money left after monthly expenses, a true financial guidance system is available to direct a person through the difficult, and often emotional, decisions.