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“You can’t fake an economic recovery….  Instead of ‘stimulating’ a recovery, the feds have ‘simulated’ one.  They dropped the price of capital to near zero.  Commodity producers took the bait.  They borrowed money and increased production….  You can’t get real demand from empty credit.  Real demand comes from Main Street, not Wall Street.” -Bill Bonner

“Government debt is even worse.  Unlike most personal debt, it doesn’t go to the grave with the person who borrowed it.  It sticks around to burden the next generation – who got nothing from it.” -Bill Bonner

Loaded With Debt

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Debt
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“The oldest generation of Americans remembers the Great Depression. They borrowed reluctantly, saved eagerly, and made the United States the greatest power on Earth…. The newest generation seems to have no regard whatever for the virtues of their grandparents or the futures of their grandchildren. They disregard the wisdom of the dead, and load up the unborn with debt.” -Bill Bonner

Something Borrowed

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Money Matters
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It may sound oversimplified, but its truth can never be overlooked.  “When you borrow money, you eventually have to pay it back…plus interest.” -S & A Digest