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Unfair Advantage

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“As the director of business development for a national field marketing organization working with life and disability insurance, annuities and long-term care, I’m constantly looking for tools and services that I can provide to our insurance agents to help them find more prospects, create more sales and make more money.

“Two months ago I was introduced to the Bizpack suite. I believe that the Bizpack suite is a game changer that will give our agents an unfair advantage.

“Many insurance agents are aware of the value of e-mail marketing and the need to maximize their time with webinars. Most own an e-mail marketing program and GoToMeeting®. They know that social media is the future of marketing, but just don’t have the extra time needed to use it effectively.

“When I showed them the Bizpack communications platform that …

  • will cost them the same or less than they are spending now.
  • is easy to use and has everything combined in one location.
  • has a tool to put their social media marketing on autopilot.
  • comes complete with best-in-class training.
  • “The answers are always the same. Please help keep the Bizpack suite a secret so I can maintain this unfair advantage.”

    C. Rod Maxson