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Hard Battle

Posted: February 14, 2020 in Thought for the Day
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“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory!” -Les Brown

All of life is an internal battle within one’s mind.  It’s a daily struggle with only a choice to determine the winner.

The most important element in your strategy to win the battle for… survival is your own psychology…..

It’s not enough to liquidate your past… mistakes. It’s more important to liquidate counterproductive attitudes, approaches, and methods of dealing with problems. The results that someone gets in life are an indication of how sound his approach toward life is. A sound philosophy of life gives good results. People with chaotic, unproductive, and unhappy lives usually don’t have anyone to blame but themselves.” -Doug Casey

“A critic is someone who never actually goes to the battle yet who afterwards comes out shooting the wounded.” -Tyne Daly