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“The accumulation of money  (the act of banking) is a necessary function in our everyday lives. Without it there is no way we can enjoy the standard of living that is ours. But, as we have cited, the bankers have all but taken over the banking function in life and people have become ‘financial slaves’.” -Carlos Lara and Robert Murphy

Yes…times have rarely been better for bankers.  In total, household borrowing has climbed back to $12.1 trillion − the highest level in five years − with balances growing across the credit spectrum once again, including mortgages and credit cards.  Happy days….  Our bankers have been world-class in providing more capital than ever before for corporations and consumers.  They’re doing a splendid job.  Don’t hate the bankers.  They only did what the government told them to do.  Besides… it’s not their money.  It’s yours.” -Porter Stansberry

Central bankers have taken it upon themselves to sponsor great bull markets in the hopes of making people spend more because they will feel richer.  That was the theory.  But they neglected to think through the full consequences of these policies.” -Jim Grant

“Because the central bank is always standing by with credit, bankers are free to make promises they know they might not be able to keep on their own.” -Doug Casey

Afraid of Debt?

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Debt
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“The commercial community (bankers and manufacturers) doesn’t want you to be afraid of debt. These institutions want you to like debt. They want you to use it. They want you to go into debt because it is good for them.” -Mark Ford

Sound Money

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Money Matters
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“When money is once again a good produced by the market, and when bankers receive no special privileges exempting them from their contractual obligations, people will once again be able to lean heavily on a stable medium of exchange for their financial planning.” -Robert Murphy