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“‘If I were given $1 million’
According to the respondents, here are some of the things people would do if they suddenly received an influx of cash…

  • 54% of respondents would spend it

According to Charles Schwab, Americans are paying attention to their friends’ personal-finance choices. Sixty percent of people said they’ve wondered how others on social media were able to afford things like expensive trips… And out of a variety of factors (including family, friends, and co-workers), social media was reported to have the worst influence on money management…

A whopping 59% said they live paycheck to paycheck, and 44% carry a credit-card balance or struggle to keep up with payments, according to Charles Schwab.” -The Crux

Money Storage

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Money Matters
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“A borrower takes your money and uses it.  He doesn’t just store it for you; that is what safe deposit boxes are for.  When you deposit your money in a bank, it’s the same thing.  You are making a loan to the bank.  The bank doesn’t store your money in a safe on your behalf; it uses it to balance its books.” -Bill Bonner